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We don't make software

we fix problems

software is a mean

We are a problem-to-solve oriented team of experienced developers and technology experts. Located in France we operate worldwide.


      <Java alt="Spring, SpringBoot" />
      <Javascript alt="Node.js, Next.js, React, Electron" />
      <ReactNative alt="Objective-C, Swift, Android" />
      <Python alt="TensorFlow" />
      <Devops alt="Docker, Azure, AWS, dedicated" />

Our structure

Hiring and maintaining software developer is a challenging activity in 2024. We have chosen to cut unneeded constrains to become an immediately operational team, able to focus on your subject right now.

100% agile

Iterate quickly to get something that solve your problem for real.

100% freelance

High availability, cost flexibity, highly reactive.

100% remote

Only high-end experienced devs, not the intern or your neighbor's son.

20+ years experienced team with an impresive track record of successful project both in industry and Internet.

Highly communicative people, deeply skilled, dedicated to help you achieve great things.

Damien Brugne
Team captain

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